Steam air retorts

They are designed with advanced thermodynamic principles. The steam is injected into the retort through well distributed uniformly placed nozzles that induces very high steam velocity. Similar distribution and injection system for air eliminates the chance of formation of air pockets inside and results in intense mixing of steam and air without any need for fan. However fan mounted models can be supplied on request.

These are the basic and most economic retorts. The material of construction is SS 304L/SS 316L. Distribution lines can be dismantled and cleaned periodically. Radial locking system with pneumatic actuation gives the operator easy locking options.

Temperature gradient inside the retorting chamber at processing temp will be Less than +/- 0.5 deg. This feature is guaranteed

Control system can be manual, semi and full automation

Water spray/cascading retorts

The processing media is high pressure water sprayed inside in a mist like formation, collected at the bottom, directed to a circulation line. An SS circulation pump  is inbuilt. Steam is admitted into the circulation line and also directly inside the retort. Other features are the same as those of Steam air retorts.

The sprayed water absorbs the heat from incoming steam and transmits the same to the products. The distributing lines and well designed collection arrangement at the bottom of retorts results in uniform distribution of heat inside the retort. The temp gradient inside the retort at processing temp will be less than +/- 0.3 deg C.

Process media will be transferred to a dedicated storage system. Media will be transferred to and redrawn in between cycles to conserve energy.

Processing cost will be marginally higher. These are ideal when heating needs to be done at sub saturation temperatures.

Water Immersion retorts

The products are fully immersed by the media during the processing. A circulation system as in water spray retorts induces enough turbulence to maintain near uniform temp inside the retort. A dedicated storage tank with independent heating facility maintains set temp in between cycles for reuse.

Temp gradient inside the retort at processing temp will be less than +/- 0.3 deg C


Retorts are of still or of agitating type. The agitation is caused by a pneumatic system that moves the trays forward and return direction. Provision to vary the stroke and frequency is available.

The retorts can be rotary too. The products are held firmly and rotated at varying speeds. These are recommended for viscous and difficult to penetrate products. Rotation induces additional heating options in addition to conductivity and convectivity. In a simpler arrangement the trays may be made swing like a pendulum. However the retorts need to be of higher diameter for the same capacity.

Control System

The control system is manual/semi auto and fully auto

In manual model all the operations manually carried out. However it does not compromise on the accuracy and performance if carefully handled. An independent Fo value monitor can be supplied as option.

In semi auto system a temp controller and pressure switch maintains the retort temp and pressure during the heating process. Cooling is done manually. An independent Fo value monitor can be supplied as option.

The fully automated versions are PLC based with an MMI or PC that displays the flow chart, process parameters Fo values in live mode. Provisions to choose the process parameters is in built. Recipe based programmes can be preloaded, Display, save, retrieve and print out option of Process data is available

The control system can also be connected to a PC that comes with all the above options


Calibration and Penetration Studies

Our retorts can be calibrated By Central Institute of Fisheries technology, Cochin, an accredited NABL laboratory for its accuracy in restraining the temp gradient within +/- 0.5 deg C confirming to international norms. 12 probes are placed in various locations inside retort and temp distribution data are collected and recorded. The connected utilities and their performances can also be certified by them.

Penetration studies on the products being strerilsed by them This will provide a record of independent evaluation of the performance of the retort and its capability to ensure reliable and adequate performance.,

Typical penetration chart of our retorts is displayed


The functioning of retort is dependent on the utilities that are connected to the retort and also  the pipelines and the instrumentation and accessories en route.

Utilities required are the boiler, compressor, air receiver, sealing system, filling system, coolant water system, generator and UPS for control system The connecting pipe lines should be of optimum size resulting in recommended velocities during the process.

With over 100 installations all over India we will offer complete solutions to the customers well ahead of delivery. We will also assist in deciding the layout that is best suited to the customer.